Mortal Realms Issue 2 review

Alright everybody the second issue of warhammer mortal realms is out and just like last week we are getting some more models. Now we don’t get as many models as the first issue, but issue 2s models are definitely quality over quantity. 

Hey, everyone Spunge murphy here and welcome to the review of issue 2 of warhammer mortal realms.
With issue 1 we had gotten quite a lot of stuff and issue 2 reigns it in a bit more. This week we got 4 myrmourn banshees, a paint and a starter brush (word of advice, don’t rely on the starter brush, invest in a better brush). 

Now when I was looking back at issue 1s review I realized that I hadn’t shown the actual models so in this review I will be showing the banshees.
But before we get to the models lets talk about this week’s lore. It starts off all about the banshees. 
 The banshees were once women who practised in the arcane arts and sought-after magical knowledge. Nagash, who is the lord of the undead, seen this search for power as a lack of respect to him and in death these women were cursed. And that’s how myrmourn banshees came about. 

Now with their hunger for magic increased the banshees devour magical spells and turn the magic against its caster. Other dangers that the banshees have, apart from being scary looking as fuck, is their chill dagger. The only thing these daggers struggle to cut through is magic armour.

Part 2 of this week’s lore all about nagash. The 4 pages summarizes who nagash is and gives his motivations for going after sigmar. Its well worth a read. These pages also tell us about the soul wars. The souls wars is the setting for this set and im pretty  sure that’s where the age of sigmar current story is right now.
The whole reason the undead are having a massive resurgence right now is because of the necroquake. Nagash had a black pyramid in shyish that funneled death magic into it so he could have death magic at its strongest. Things didn’t go to plan for nagash and an explosion of death magic occurred which resulted in the necroquake and caused chaos across the realms.

So, the models. We get 4 easy to build, push fit myrmourn banshees. I have just put these together and there are a few things to say about them. First off, they are beautiful models, very eerie and capture the banshee look perfectly. 

But as nice as the are to look at the are very fragile. When your push fitting these together just be careful because you could very easily start to bend some of the skinnier parts or even break them off.
When your fixing them to base this is when you need to take the most precaution. There is no real strong part of the model to hold and push it, so I used a pliers to get it securely.

The painting section is really good this this week even though it only shows the one paint, corax white. It shows the importance of using thing coats and building the colour up over 3 coats. Its going to be interesting over the next few weeks to see the nighthaunts getting painted because I have never painted any ethereal model and honestly I don’t even know where to start!
The final part of the magazine as usual focuses on the rules, more specifically the sequitors vs the banshees. It goes over the rules for pile in, adds more for attacks and I’m happy to see that they added some weapon profiles in. Not too much to say about the rules section yet because its still covering the very basic elements of the game.

The final part of this review is all about how much you will be saving. The banshees sprues are from the Easy to Build Myrmourn Banshees set and they come in at €12. This weeks paint which is corax white is €3.60 and we do get a starter brush with this issue but the quality of starter brushes is generally pretty bad so we can let this slide and say it’s a free gift.
Altogether this week’s content comes to a total of €15.60 and this issue cost me €8. So, you are saving €7.60. Add last weeks savings and as of week 2 we are saving a massive €48.90 and its going to be interesting to see what that number is in a few weeks.
Really good issue this week,  lore is interesting and keeps expanding, models are great, very fragile, but great.

In next week’s issue we are back to the stormcast with castigors and a gryphhound and a base paint  called retributor armour.

And as always here is my video review that you can check out on my YouTube channel Spungehammer painting  

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