The road to Guilliman

The road to Guilliman is a challenge that i have set for my self. The idea is simple, i love the idea of having a big fully painted army and i love the Roboute Guilliman model. So the challenge is i am going to paint all the space marines (except one or two for future convesions) that come with the warhammer conquest magazine and a few others that i have collected over the years thrown in. Only then can i finally get to paint Robout Guilliman, Im even going to paint the terrain that comes with the magazine!

The models are going to be painted as Ultra Marines and there is a lot in the list to paint 

The painted checklist 

Here is what i have painted so far

15 Primaris marines
6 Reivers
Lt Calsius
5 Space marines
Primaris captain
Contemptor dreadnought
Primaris Librarian
Primaris chaplin
3 Aggressors
2 Armoured containers
1 Chaplin
1 Biker
5 Scouts

Make sure to check out the "Road to Guilliman" videos on my YouTube channel, there is a video for each model painted and i discuss how i painted the models. Check out the playlist here.

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