Big Book of Ideas

Over the last year or two i have managed to keep track of any ideas i had for warhammer in a notebook. Why? You know when you come up with a cool idea for a project or some piece of fluff that you would like make some models for, then you forget all about it? Happens to me all the time so i thought lets share these ideas and keep track of some of these ideas. Some might be bizarre, weird, crazy or just fun and some ideas might be future ideas for blog posts or videos but maybe, just maybe some of these ideas might get as far as the hobby desk. Maybe....

1. Seraphon cold ones as skaven slaves
This idea came about because i had a box of seraphon cold ones for a awhile and i didn't really want to start them anytime soon, so i thought what could i do with maybe 3 of them? I thought about Skavens clan moulder and how they like to make monsters. So the idea was to have some skaven guys with some captured cold ones  bring them to a master molder.

2. Clan pestilens: why i dont like them?
3. Knook the Grey Seer and the Undead Skaven
4. Thanquols exterminations squad 
5. Human hunter expert
6. Ogor guy with an ogor infinity gauntlet
7. The Kreator
8. Underworld Fighting League
9. The road to Gulliman
10. Clan Moulders Verminlord
11. Clan Moulders converted griffin
12. A Skaven flying hero
13. A monster hunting unit
14. Human skaven worshipers
15. Clan Skurvy pirate ship  
16. The cult of Thanquol 
17. Vermin park

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