Mortal Realms Issue 9 review

Alright everyone issue 9 of warhammer mortal realms is out and it is reinforcement week for the stormcast! stay tuned!

Hey everyone, Spunge murphy here back again with your weekly mortal realms magazine review and make sure to stay tuned to the end of the review to see how much money you are saving by issue 8. But first let’s dive into this week’s lore.

We start of this week with the explanation of the different marks and icons that stormcast warriors have on their armour and shields.
They example we going to look at is a liberator prime and Its divided into six parts

  • The liberator prime wears a plum that is representative of what chamber he is belonging to

  • Next is the primes left shoulder pad which is a mark of honour and identifies him as an officer

  • The cloth piece that is between his legs is called a tabard and the colour of the its trim shows that he belongs to the third unit or retinue of the conclave

  • Another thing that some units use to identify themselves is their belt buckle

  • The primes shield and shoulder pad have the symbol of the holy hammer on them and this shows that his stormhost was created during the first strike

  • And finally, we have the lightning symbol on his right kneepad. This icon shows that he is a member of the Redeemer Conclave

The next page goes into greater detail about all this stuff like shield symbols, chamber designation, the tabards, beastmarks and meaning of the conclave iconography.

Really nice laid out page that’s full with good lore information, really good start to the lore this week.

The lore continues to the death side now and It tells us of the legions of Nagash. As big and powerful as Nagash is he can’t be everywhere at once. 

He relies on his greatest general, the mortarchs. Each mortarch commands a legion and it shows 3 of them this week.
It tells about the legion of the night which is ledd by Mannfred von Carstein, the legion of sacrament led by Arkhan the Black and the legion of blood is led by Neferata.

All these legions are unique and have their own speciality’s. Some great lore and expansion in this part for the undead and its shows that you don’t have to stick with just nagash.

This weeks lore story is titled the valley of bones and it’s a story is about a unit of stormcast warriors standing against some chainrasps but are heavily outnumbered.

Just as the stormcast numbers start to dwindle and it looks like the fight has been lost a battle horn is sounded and reinforcements arrive.

So far this Is two thirds of the story and I was expecting the reinforcments to be some of the units we were told about before. 

And some of them were but then the fast cavalry arrived in the form of the vanguard-palladors. 

I love the vanguard-pallador models and I’m positive we are going to get them eventually in the set but its great to see them getting introduced in the lore this early.

The models this week are basically just reinforcements for previous units, we get 3 sequitors and 2 castigators, put them side by side to previous models we got and there is very little differences.

As expected, everything went together pretty easily except for the first guy they made the mistake of having part number B13 down for on part but its easily noticeable. 

The painting section this week as expected is a copy and paste job from last week. No new models and no new paints so I didn’t expect anything new, but I don’t know maybe they could have added some paint theory or a eavy metal showcase. Just not another copy and paste job.

The rules this week introduced the wounds and save characteristics. I’m not one to follow the rules to closely but this is issue 9 and it feels like the rules sections is being dragged out. Wound and save characteristics is something that should be covered by issue 2.
But any progressions is better than no progression *cough cough painting section cough*.

Now onto the savings. This is where spunge had to do a little more math because we basically got a unit made up of different guys from 2 different units. 

Let’s start with the castigators , now as far as I can see they are only available in their easy to build set  and there are 4 models and we got 2 of them so that’s €6. 

The sequitors box is €50 but we only get 3 models from that set so that’s €15. That’s a combined total of €21 and this magazine was €11.73. so that makes this week’s savings €9.27.

Add that to our total savings and as of issue 9 we are saving €98.88.

Overall thoughts
Overall, this week it’s the lore that saved the magazine. The models are great, the lore added more dept and introduced the vanguard-pallador but the snails pace of the rules is somewhat starting to drag and the painting section was a copy and paste job.

But on the bright side, next weeks issue looks good, we get a tomb banshee model and a new base paint called khorne red.

You can check out the video review here

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