Mortal Realms Issue 8 review

Alright every one issue 8 of warhammer mortal realms is out and this week we get some fire power with the celestar ballista! stay tuned!

Hey everyone, Spunge murphy here back again with your weekly mortal realms magazine review and make sure to stay tuned to the end of the review to see how much money you are saving by issue 8. But first let’s dive into this week’s lore.

Of course since we got a new model this week we are going to start off with its lore. The celestar ballista’s are long range artillery weapons for the stormcast that are mainly used to atop the walls of grand stormkeeps to prevent enemies reaching the walls.

Its designed by the best engineers from the ordinatos conclave and not only has an incredible range of fire it can be easily deconstructed and carried by its crew.

Speaking of crew the ballista is accompanied by two engineers, one of them is the loader. Just like his name this guy loads the ammunition in the ballista and has to wear heavy gauntlets to protect themselves from the heat and magical energy stored within each bolt.

The other crew member is the spotter who oversees the aiming the ballista and use advance range finding equipment.

The other lore section this week we get more details about shyish, the realm of death.  It’s a really good read because the shyish has more to it than just nagash and a load of ghost and skeleton bois floating around. 

Shyish is a realm that has suffered from the battles of chaos and death forces but there are several strongholds in Shyish and the cities of Lethis and Glymmsforge are bastions of order.

Mortals still trade, prosper and thrive in the realm but with nagash casting a constant shadow over the realm its still a dark and gloomy place. 

The final piece of this week’s lore ties in the ballista and the shyish lore. We get a story about a group of liberators fighting against some chainrasps in Glymmsforge. 

They fallback to their barricades where they have a ballista that’s under attack.
It’s a pretty standard story but the part I liked best is when it describes how there is no satisfying impact when the liberator hits the chainrasps skull with his hammer.

Now to this weeks models, honestly I wasn’t to fond of this week models, that was until I built them.

The ballista is much bigger than I thought it was going to be and its on a big 60mm base. But really I think the crew is the most impressive. There full of nice details and stick out more than other stormcast warriors because their not fully covered in armour. 

As for putting them together, even though push fit models are generally easy to put together these have been the easiest models to put together so far. Every part of them fits like a glove and had no hassle at all.

The painting section is picking up because this week we got another paint. And that paint is kantor blue. This paint is used on the stormcasts robes, shoulder pads and 
their shields. 

It’s a really nice colur and excluding the bases, the stormcast are taking shape now. There’s not to many more base colours to put on them and I know that khorne red is coming with issue 10 so that’s going to be another create colour to add.

The rules this week obviously are for the ballista but it’s a basic version of the ballista rules.  It doesn’t give us its range or the other option of shots it can do but I does give us its chain lightning effect. 

If roll to hit has been successful roll another D6, the result is how many hits are inflicted on the target. Then with a 3+ to wound, this thing could do a lot damage to the nighthaunt hordes and is a great addition to the stormcast.

And now to the savings. This week’s model, the ballista is currently on the games workshop website for €20, this week paint, kantor blue is €3.60 that’s a total of €23.60. This week’s issue cost me €11.73 so this week’s savings are €11.87.

Add that to our overall savings and as of issue 8 we are saving €89.61

Overall this has been a good issue, the ballista is a great addition to the stormcast, its something that can take out multiple nighthaunt models in a single go and who wouldn’t like that?!

You can check out the video review here

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