Mortal Realms Issue 7 review

Alright every one issue 7 of warhammer mortal realms is out and this week although we don’t get any models, we get something that we badly needed, paints! stay tuned!

Hey everyone, Spunge murphy here back again with your weekly mortal realms magazine review and make sure to stay tuned to the end of the video to see how much money you are saving by issue 7. But first let’s dive into this week’s lore.

Now with no models this week I expected a lore section that had a bit of everything in it and it starts of with details on five different stormhosts.  We have the sigmarite brotherhood, the lions of sigmar, Blades of dawn, knights of Azry and the celestial vindicators.

They each have a few lines that very briefly tells what separates them from other stormhosts.  Like the blades of dawn part says “the blades of dawn are a proud stormhost. They come from fierce coastal tribes across the realms and have proven to be export seafarers”. 

I know these little info parts are limited due to the small part of text, but these guys stick out more for me more than the generic information we get. And its because the whole expert seafarers and coastal tribes sounds cool and different from everything else. 

Maybe that’s a project for the future hmm….

Then we have more lore on the reforging process of a stormcast. This has always been a point of curiosity for me and it tells how when the reforged stormcast awakens many of them feel the need for revenge on who they had just fought.

And of course the whole thing of when the get reforged they become more of a living weapon rather then humans.

They give two really good examples about this with Garrus Dyreblade and Dahlia Sorrowshield. Dyreblade who is part of the celestial vindicators and has been reforged five times.

It says his battle scarred face is twisted more because of the anger in his soul and only speaks when shouting battle cries.
Sorrowshield who also has been reforged many times has had her flesh turned to the colour of a corpse, her mood has become darker and if speaks at all it comes out as a whisper. 

All this fits in with the other lore piece it tells further on in the issue.  It follows the death and reforging of varanith who is a prosecutor that got killed by an ogroid. Im not going to go over every detail of it but it covers his last minutes of his death, his emotions during the reforging and how all he wants to do when reforged is go straight to battle. Really good read.

The third part of this weeks lore about the age of chaos and how chaos spread throughout the mortal realms before and after sigmars defeat after the battle of burning skies. It doesn’t give us much new information but what it does is it creates a picture of how chaos affected the realms.

And the final lore piece that’s about Nagash. Again just like the last lore piece this doesn’t give us much new information that wasn’t given to us before but it reinforces what nagash is all about and what drives him. 

And now for the section that has been quickly glossed over for the last 3 weeks the painting section. Finally, we have got some new paints with a reikland fleshade shade and the layer paint stormhost silver.

In case you’re not familiar with shade paints they are like an extremely thin paint that you usually apply over the model’s base colours and it gives shadow and definition to your model. 

I am familiar with both these paints and the reikland fleshade shade over retributor armour is my usual go to combination, but I haven’t done it over a full gold coloured model. 

Using shades on models can be a trial and error when doing it first because to much shade means its going to pool up and that’s not what you want but after a while you will find yourself applying the right amount.
We see the dry brushing technique being used for the stormhost silver. This is perfect for getting the silver highlights on the stormcast and for the nighthaunt models. Just remember that less paint on the brush the better it drybrushs. 

The rules this week has added the to wound rolls. What this is after you roll you to hit roles you must roll again to see if the hits wounded. 

To see what to you need to roll to wound is seen in the units warscroll.
Looking at the Sequitors warscroll we can see he has 2 attack and needs a 3+ to hit and a 3+ to wound. The rules are still relatively simple with all the information you need is in the units warscroll.

I wasn’t sure about this week’s savings because off the top of my head I didn’t know the prices of the paints. But reikland fleshade is €6.30 and stormhost silver is € 4.80. that’s a total of €11.10. This weeks issue cost me 11.73 so that's a saving of 63 cent. Thats a total savings of €77.74

Next week’s issue we are back to getting some models which are the stormcast celestar balistia and a paint so going to be a packed issue next month.

You can check out the video review here

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