Mortal Realms Issue 6 review

Alright every one issue 6 of warhammer mortal realms is out and this week we are getting introduced to another magic user in the form of the Briar Queen, stay tuned!

Hey everyone, Spunge murphy here back again with your weekly mortal realms magazine review and make sure to stay tuned to the end to see how much money you are saving by issue 5. But first let’s dive into this week’s lore.

As mentioned at the beginning this week we are introduced to the Briar queen. Originally, she was a powerful death mage and an enemy of Shadespire and her army tried to invade it and completely tear it apart. 

Everything didn’t go to plan for her and eventually was captured, imprisoned in the city’s nightvault below the surface and spent years trapped and consumed by madness. 

But the Briar queen wasn’t the only one trapped on the vault. This magical dungeon was home to thousands of shadspires enemy’s, thieves, murderers and would be conquerors. After thousands of years Nagash saw them as the perfect tool to defend Shadespire with. 

With the spirits released the Briar queen emerged as a powerful banshee and in total control of the army of spirits.

The magazine shows us the Briar queens thorns which consists of the ever-hanged who is the queens most powerful chainrasp, Varclaw the cruel who was the warden of the nightvault and a countless number 
of chainrasps. 

The second part of this week’s lore is the story behind Shadespire. Once one of the great cities of shyish that was home to countless different races and artefacts of great power. But its greatest treasure of all was shadeglass. 

Shadeglass has the power to store souls after death and let the Shadespires rulers continue to live on after death in a magical network of shadeglass called the faneway.
Of course, this is something you just don’t do in Nagash home turf. 

He was furious at being denied these souls and instead of destroying Shadespire he shattered the faneway and cursed the city to be a twisted reflection of its former glory. And if that wasn’t enough Shadspire was seemingly ripped from out of time and space and placed between the realm of shadows and the realm of light. 

The souls in Shadespire can never leave and anyone that enters Shadespires walls soon find themselves also trapped with no hope of escape.

What it shows us next is a very brief tale of steelehearts champions which is a 3 man group of stormcast warriors that travelled to Shadspire. Straight away I thought they were going to tell us that after going on about how no one can escape Shadespire but these stormcast did! 

But they didn’t! Not even the stormcast can escape. These guys were sent there to gather some shadeglass but unfortunate for them there still stuck there! The other thing it briefly tell us the effect the reforging process has on each warrior. 

The final part of lore in this wees issue is like a timeline history of nagash and the nighthaunt. It’s like the timelines historys you get in battletomes but much m,ore brief. It goes from the age of myth to the end of age of chaos and is titled part one so hopefully part 2 is next week.

With so much focus on the briar queen is easy to forget that there is a total of seven models with this week issue. The briar queen comes with six chainrasps that are not just duplicates of the previous models we got.
But putting these together is just like the previous models, look amazing and full of details but almost a 10 on the fragile meter. 

They fit together well as most push fit models due but even when clipping them off the sprue you need to take your time and be careful not to bend parts to much. 

To my very surprise this weeks painting section has something new in it! So far with the collection the nighthaunt painting parts were a corax white base coat and then a layer of Nihilakh Oxide. But this week the added the painting technique called drybrushing. 
How drybrushing works is you get a small amount of paint on your brush, wipe it off on some tissue until there is barley any paint left on the brush. Then you gently brush the edges of the model and it subtly builds up highlights on the edges.
Drybrushing is a great technique, easy to do and it works perfectly for painting ethereal models. Just remember that the less paint on your brush the better this technique works.

Just like last week we are given a model that can cast spells but what that also means is now we two models that can unbind each other’s spell attempts. 

To unbind a spell your opponent must roll 2 dice and get a higher score than your casting dice score.
The rest of the rules pretty much cover the back and fort between xandria azurebolt and the briar queen. It goes over shooting because the briar queen has a shooting attack, moving magic and the 
combat phase. 
Both armies are building up nicely, they both have hero models and 2 different units to use.
Now on to the savings
The thorns of the briar queen set comes in a €20. This weeks issue cost €11.73 so we are saving €8.27. Add all this to our total savins and as of issue six we are saving a massive €77.11.
Overall issue 6 is a good issue, lore is continuing to expand, the story of Shadespire is very interesting, briar queen is a lovely model and they even managed to add something to the painting section!

And as always here is my video review that you can check out on my YouTube channel Spungehammer painting  

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