Mortal Realms Issue 5 review

Alright everyone issue 5 of warhammer mortal realms is out and with this weeks issue we get an exclusive stormcast model and we get introduced to the magic phase. Stay tuned

Hey everyone, Spunge murphy here back again with your weekly mortal realms magazine review and make sure to stay tuned to the end of the review to see how much money you are saving by issue 5. But as the usual let’s look at what this week’s lore is about.

This week we are finally have been introduced into the  magic in the mortal realms.  Magic flows through every realm and even the gods do not claim to fully understand how it works. 

Now magic has two sides of it. Without a proper understanding of it, one side of its powers can cause madness, mutation or worse. Its other side, when harnessed right, can be used to wield arcane power and lead armies to glory.

Magic is spread across the mortal realms but not evenly. At its most prominent parts you can find realm gates and temples. But overall magics power is weakest at the centre of the realm and at its strongest the closer it is to the realm’s edges.

We learned a little about this last week when it told us about nagash needing this magical substance called grave-sand to build the black pyramid and it was only located at the edges of shyish.

Overall there are eight types of magic with each one being associated with one of the eight mortal realms. They only give two examples of where magic is strongest like Amethyst magic is strongest in shyish, the realm of death and jade magic is stronger in Ghyran, the realm of life.

This disappointed me at first but then I realised that they are probably leaving more explanations until further issues. So that’s something I’m looking forward to. 

The next part of the lore is about the stormcasts knights incantors. Last week we learned about the sacrosanct chamber and how their incantors are responsible for the 
re-forging of stormcast warriors. This week we learn a little more about their weapons and spells. 

But it gets into the details more when it gets to the lore about Xandia Azurebolt, this weeks model. Xandia was born in shyish and served as a wizard. During the age of chaos she defended her home against nurgles forces and just as a chaos champion was about to kill her sigmar teleported her soul to azyr. 

In Azyr she was re-forged as a stormcast and since then she returned to shyish and leads warriors against nagashs forces. 

The weapons she wields are the weapons of the knights incantors, a sword, spells, a staff and she is considered a warrior and a wizard.

The final piece of lore tells us about how nagash lost shyish to chaos during the age of chaos. Chaos begain to prosper in shyish but just as the age of sigmar was beginning nagash had risen to claim his realm.

It’s a short piece of lore but the magazine is expanding the lore very week.

Now onto the model. As said earlier this is an exclusive model to mortal realms and I absolutely love this model.

When I think of the stormcast I think of the blocky big man models, I know there not all like that but that’s the image I have in my head. But this model is slim, doesn’t have that to much heavy armour look and a good pose.

It went together as easy as it could. Parts fitted perfectly, it had some small parts like the head and the hand but not small enough to give any problems. 

The painting section is the exact same as it was since issue 3. The only paint we have gotten for the stormcast is the retributory amour so as far as painting goes its still just the retributory armour base coat.

But jumping ahead, in issue 7 we are getting a shade and a layer paint, and we badly need it because the painting section is getting stale and it needs some more paints. 

Now saying that the rules did get a new addition with the magic. We are told how spells work and how wizards can cast them and dispel them. 

How it works is in the hero phase, which is the first phase, wizards can cast a spell. Xandria only knows arcane bolt and needs to get a minimum of 5 on two dice to cast it. If lower, it fails. 

Once cast pick an enemy unit and it does 1 damage. If the cast dice gets a 10 or higher then it does D3 damage. They didn’t give us the distance the spell can reach so I imagine it will be in a future issue. 

The last part it shows us the stats for her melee weapon the incantor staff. 3 attacks, 3+ to hit and D3 damage. She looks like a great addition to the stormcast army and gives them more firepower against the nighthaunt hoard. 

The final part of this week’s video is the savings. This week we got an exclusive model with Xandria Azurebolt. Looking at the prices of other stormcast hero’s I could put the price of €22.40 on this model.

This weeks issue was €11.73 so that’s a saving of €10.77, combine that with the total savings so far and we are at €68.84.

This week’s issue not only expanded the lore but also the rules with the addition of using magic.

And that’s it for issue 5 of warhammer mortal realms. Magic rules and a character model  were introduced but still the painting section remains the same. Next weeks issue comes with more reinforcements for the nighthaunts!

 And as always here is my video review that you can check out on my YouTube channel Spungehammer painting  
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