Mortal Realms Issue 4 review

Alright everyone issue 4 of mortal realms is out and this week we get our first look at a technical paint, the Glaivewraith stalkers and we continue to see how much we are saving with the mortal realms magazine, stay tuned.

Hey everyone, Spunge murphy here back again with your weekly age of Sigmar mortal realms review and make sure to stay tuned until the end of the video to see how much money this magazine has us saving us so far.
But first lets dive into the lore of the Glaivewraith stalkers.

The Glaivewraith lore is fun because it’s kind of bizarre how these guys came about. The Glaivewraiths are basically a mixture of a ghost and horse and how this happened is when the stalkers were alive they were mounted hunters and killed for the thrill of the hunt, even if the victims were innocent. 

Then in the afterlife these victims would ask nagash to punish their killers and surprisingly he would agree to it. Then in death these guys would be cursed and transformed into the ghost horse hybrids where their thrill of the chase is gone.

A cool part of the lore is it gives us a brief backstory of two of the stalkers. The first one is Winsome Vyrm and the other is Zynkarn and both of these guys were basically assholes when they were alive but Zynkarn is the guy holding the drum. He has the drum because it’s the last thing he heard before he was executed.

Part 2 of this week’s lore gives us info on the stormcast eternals Sacrosanct chambers. Last week I said that I hoped that they expand more on the chambers and stormhosts and they did exactly that. 

The Sacrosanct chambers are responsible for the stormhosts magical power. All the energy and power that stormhost has in their weapons or the ability to train wizards are all thanks to these guys.

Mages of the sacrosanct are also responsible for guiding the magical energy of the stars when a stormcast warrior is reforged. It does mention briefly at the end of the page that that these mages have been taken to the battlefield after the necroquake and hints that this may have an effect on the reforging process. This could hint at some changes or some further progression of the lore in the future. 

And just like last week we are given infographic type of page showing us the sacrosancts different chambers and different units that it consists of. Really nice page well designed and I hope these single page info pages continues throughout the series.

Part 3 or this weeks lore goes further into the story of the necroquake. We were told about the black pyramid a little bit in previous issues but how this thing is made is incredible.

Apparently, it had to be made from a magical substance called grave-sand and its only at the edges of shyish and can only be transported one grain at a time. 

So nagash has to send thousands of skeletons over thousands of years to build this thing and in the end it the black pyramid explode thanks to some sneaky skaven.

 Of course, this starts as a disaster for nagash but ends working out in the end with the explosions effect rising undead across the mortal realms.

In the final part of this week’s lore, god there’s a lot of lore this week, we learn about Sigmar vey own realm Azyr, the realm of heavens.

I tells of how sigmar united the tribes when he first arrived and how eventually he built the eternal city of Azyrheim. Good to be getting more info on Azyr.

The models this week of course are the Glaivewrtaith stalkers and I love theses models because the have some funky lore and they have a look that matches it.

Putting these 4 guys together was pretty standard, there a little fragile but not as fragile as the chainrasps but I had one slight problem when putting them together. The push fit parts didn’t fit to well, so I had to slightly clip them and the parts fitted perfectly after that. 

Surprisingly there is an option with one of the guys. I’m gonna call him the musician but this guy has an option of having a hand drum or one of the hunter glaives. I went with the hand drum just to give the squad something different. 

I did glue them like I do with with all push fit models and I do recommend gluing these guys, but I don’t glue them to the bases just in case I want paint that separate. 

So, this week we got our first technical paint in nihilakh oxide. This is a paint I haven’t used before so I’m looking forward to teeing how it works and what its like.

But I’m confused a little bit because in the tutorial it shows putting the oxide over the corax white. Now that works and looks fine if I was painting these my way, I would have painted every other part of the model and left the oxide ethereal effect until closer to the end. 

I think what they should have done is say that if you want the complete ethereal look do the oxide all over the corax white or what until we give you the other base coats and add it on to the ethereal then.

Either way its your choice to paint them what way you want but for me im going to hold off until I get a couple more base colours from the set.

With this week’s issue we got a gaming mat. What this means is that now we get to learn more about the movement phase and keeping unit coherency. It also goes over shooting again with the castigators. The final part of it shows more details of units warscrolls. It added their movement and damage stats. 

This weeks issue came with a Easy to Build Glaivewraith Stalkers sprue that costs €12 and a technical paint that costs €3.60. altogether that’s €15.60, this issue cost me €11.73 so that’s a saving of €3.87. Add that to the total savings and so so far we are saving of €58.07

And that’s it for issue 4 of warhammer mortal realms. A lore packed issue with great models. Next weeks issue comes with an exclusive stormcast model to mortal realms magazine.

And as always here is my video review that you can check out on my YouTube channel Spungehammer painting  

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