Mortal Realms Issue 3 review

All right everyone issue 3 of warhammer mortal realms is out and since last week we got some nighthaunt models this week’s models are the stormcast castigors and a gryph-hound.

Hey everyone, Spunge murphy here back again with your weekly warhammer mortal realms magazine review and like I said in the intro this week we have gotten 3 stormcast castigators and the model I’m most happy to get is the gryph-hound! 

But before we dive into the models let’s talk this week’s lore.

The magazine starts off telling us about the stormhosts. Each stormcast army is organised into fighting forces known as stormhosts and stormmhost is made up of thousands of stormcast warriors. 

It is then divided into smaller battle groups known as chambers with each chamber designed for different roles on the battlefield. These chambers are further divided into smaller groups of warriors known as conclaves with each conclave having a range of specialised forces.

So you have tour stormhosts then you have your chambers and then finally you have your conclaves. Got it? Good! The actual total amount of stormhosts is unknown maybe sigmar knows himself but there has got to be thousands upon thousands of them across the mortal realms.

Then it shows us 5 stormhosts examples with their own colours and a small bit about their story.

First, we have the hammers of sigmar. These are the most common stormcast we see with the gold armour. These are the very first stormhost to be founded and are the example of military order.

Then we have the stormblood guard that’s colour scheme is silver and red. It says here that   “the veteran warriors of the stormblood guard are said to bleed lightning”
Sons if mallus are next in purple armour, sons of gladius in green armour and then finally we have the maelstrom of light who are described as daemon killers supreme

It’s good to see them showing different colour schemes early and I hope they explore more of this in further issues with a spotlight on specific stormhosts.

Then we come to the castigators. More specifically their weapons the thunderhead great bows. Just like the sequitors the castigators are trained in magic but its more that they use magical weapons.

They bring firepower with the thunderhead great bows, that aren’t made specifically made for fighting ghost warriors, but they pretty much decimate ghostly enemies. 

There are two things that make the thunderhead so strong. First is its size. Its described as a crossbow but bigger and its bolt is an actual mace.

Secondly the tips of the bolts are explosive flasks and what’s in these flasks is the breath of a stardrake. The star drakes are the dragon like creatures that you see stormcast heroes riding on and some of the smaller ones called dracoths. 

The great star drake dracothian was the drake that breathed new life into sigmar before the he arrived in the mortal realms.

The final part of lore this week is pretty cool. It talks about how nagash appointed a new commander for the nighthaunt after the necroquake. Lady Olynder the mortarch of grief was chosen.

They give us this information hierarchy page with units from the nighthaunt and I love this page. There’s pictures of units and little information boxes about their roll and it’s a cool page. I just wish they had shown us a bigger picture of lady Olynder because I’m not sure if she is coming in future issues so it Would have been nice to get a better look at her.

The castigator and gryph-hound models were easy enough to put together. The stormcast models usually are handy enough to put together but i still recommend gluing the push fit models. Check the YouTube video below for a closer look at the models.

The painting section this week is the same as it was last week just with retributor armour on the castigors and the sequitors. Not much more to say just make sure to thin your paints really. It’s going to be a while I think before this section picks up.

The last part of the issue is the rules. what’s added is the shooting phase from the castigators. Each castigator gets one shot from its great bow with the special rule that if a 6 is rolled when rolling to hit they get D3 hits instead of just one. 

They included the turns for the gryph-hound and the chainrasps that shows their hits and damage rolls.

The rules are slowly starting to pick up the pace a bit and they do show some parts of the war scrolls at the end of the issue. 

And of course, the final part of this issue is how much money we save this week. This week’s issue came with a Easy to Build Castigators with Gryph-hound set that comes in at €12.the retributor armour paint comes in at €4.80 giving us a total of €16.80.
 Issue 3 cost me roughly €11.50 so that’s a saving of €5.30. add to the total savings so far €54.20. 

So as the savings are continuing to rise make sure to check back next week where we review issue 4 of mortal realms. In that issue its back to the nighthaunt with the Glaivewraith Stalkers and new technical paint.

Good issue this week, lore is steadily expanding, good models and a little something different with the gryph-hound. 

And as always here is my video review that you can check out on my YouTube channel Spungehammer painting  

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