Mortal Realms Issue 1 review

The day has finally come, mortal realms, the age of sigmar equivalent of warhammer 40k conquest is finally out.

Now previously Hachette had given this a soft release just to test the waters and see what the reception was like. 

But as of the 8th of January, it is released in full and I have been waiting for this since it was first talked about.

So, what is warhammer mortal realms? Just like warhammer conquest it is a weekly magazine released by Hachette partworks with games workshop. 

Every week you get a magazine that explores the details of the age of sigmar world, giving you rules for the game, scenery terrain and most importantly every week you get some models or some paints that lets you build and paint two armies over roughly 80 weeks. 

The armies for mortal realms is the stormcast eternals and the Nighthaunts.

So, let’s have a look at what issue 1 has to offer.
As expected, issue one is somewhat of a bumber pack issue. You get your magazine, a poster, 13 miniatures, 6 dice and a ruler. 

The magazine begins with an introduction to the stormcast eternals. Then it goes into greater detail about the sequitors. 

The sequitors are stormcast eternal warriors that have some basic training in the magical art. Not only are they armed with a stormsmite great mace and a soul shield, but they wear robes, but this robes aren’t just for show. The robes are blessed by sigmar himself and give protection from curses and hexes.

Of course, every “good guy” army needs its counterpart and for the mortal realms it is the nighthaunt. 

In the mortal realms there has always been hauntings, some spirit of the after life goes around haunting the local community but the night haunt re the next level of haunting. Nighthaunts are the worst of the dead spirits that have more power than your average ghost. 

When the souls pass into the realm of shyish, the souls become so twisted by the death magic they take to form of a nighthaunt spirit. When I saw that one of the armies was going to be the nighthaunts I was delighted because these nighthaunt models are great, they really have that ghostly look to them.

The last part of the magazine goes over some of the basic rules for age of sigmar. The only downside of this is it doesn’t give any of the rules for the models with the issue. I know all the rules will come out over future issues, but it would have been nice to get the rules for the issues models and to see how they work.

Speaking of models, as expected, there are quite a few models in issue one. We get 3 of the stormcast sequitors with scenic bases and 10 of the chainrasp horde models. Not only do they look great, but all the models are snap fit, meaning no glue is necessary. This makes it that even a complete beginner to the hobby can put these together without hassle. 

The final thing I’m going to talk about is how much money you save by collecting the mortal realms magazine issue by issue.
So, first off we have the 3 stormcast sequitors. These are the sprues from the Easy to Build Sequitors that games workshop sells and cost €12 for the three of them.
The 10 Chainrasp Hordes are from the Easy to Build: Chainrasp Hordes sprue and cost €32.50 for ten of them.
Altogether the value of the models is €44.50 and issue 1 cost €3.30. That’s a huge saving of €41.30. Now the €3.30 price is not going to stay like that for the rest of series, it will probably go up to €12 by issue 3.
Overall mortal realms are starting of strong. Good models, a lot of models and a good start to the lore in the magazine.

And as always here is my video review that you can check out on my youtube channel Spungehammer painting

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