Building Haemotrope Reactor

Issue 68 of warhammer conquest gave us a familiar piece of terrain in the Haemotrope Reactor. This terrain piece was release a couple of issues back but that's nothing to complain about because its big chunky terrain piece that looks great! Lets get building!
Starting off its obvious that this isn't going to take long to build. It consists of 15 pieces all one one big sprue with only 3 of them pieces being slightly small.

Starting with the main section, its made up of only 5 pieces.  The 2 larger parts are glued first with the the 3 remaining parts fitting perfectly into the lower front, back and over the left eye.


The 3 smaller pieces  fit into the the terrains back part  around the inner circle part.

Since the bulk of the model was built, the remaining parts were the pipes.

The only problem with the bottom pipes was there is no piece that lets its align smoothly with the reactor pipe, so you have to hold perfectly aligned until the glue starts to dry.

Overall the Haemotrope Reactor is a great kit to have. Its a big scenery piece that's very easy to put together.

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