Mortal Realms Issue 2 review

Alright everybody the second issue of warhammer mortal realms is out and just like last week we are getting some more models. Now we don’t get as many models as the first issue, but issue 2s models are definitely quality over quantity. 

Mortal Realms Issue 1 review

The day has finally come, mortal realms, the age of sigmar equivalent of warhammer 40k conquest is finally out.

Now previously Hachette had given this a soft release just to test the waters and see what the reception was like. 

But as of the 8th of January, it is released in full and I have been waiting for this since it was first talked about.

Building Haemotrope Reactor

Issue 68 of warhammer conquest gave us a familiar piece of terrain in the Haemotrope Reactor. This terrain piece was release a couple of issues back but that's nothing to complain about because its big chunky terrain piece that looks great! Lets get building!