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On the 30th of November games workshop had the warhammer 40K open day and they showed some cool stuff but before I get to that


Next week’s pre orders (7th of December) has been announced and the warbands of Warcry are getting rereleased as Age of Sigmar sets. We have the untamed beast, iron golems, cypher lords, splintered fang, corvus cabal, and the unmade getting new boxes but the boxes contain double the sprues of the original box. The price of the original Warcry boxes are €40 so it would make sense that the prices of the new boxes are going to be around €60 so fingers crossed that they won’t be priced any higher. 

And staying with the theme of chaos, the new slaves to darkness start collecting is also up for pre order this weekend. We talked about this box about 2 or 3 weeks ago and this box is incredible because it contains 16 brand new models that haven’t been released yet and they look great. The models are 9 updated chaos warriors that were badly needed, a champion, 5 mounted chaos knights, and an awesome chaos lord mounted on a chaos beast.

And with every new army release also comes their endless spells models also. All 3 fit the chaos look especially the guy breathing the fire. 

And to see the rules for all these new models a new slaves to darkness battle tome is being released alongside of them. I was a bit confused when I saw the book first because I thought it was the Archaon battle tome because it has the same cover but it says in this one it extends his plans and has the rules for the added/updated the slaves to darkness models.  

Also coming from warcry this weekend is the scenery that was part of the warcry  starter set. The azyrite shattered plaza and the azyrite ruined chapel are getting separate releases. Most of the parts of these sets are walls so it lets you extend the terrain out a far as you want but its nice terrain and good to finally see it get its own release. 

The final thing that is getting a pre order release this week is the new ogre blood bowl team. Big is beautiful and I think an ogre blood bowl team is long overdue but since the ogors didn’t get much of a new release model wise this year these seem to fill that void a bit. I’m excited to get a box of these because ogres were one of my first fantasy army’s and I’d like to add these to my collection.

But that’s not all! Forge world are releasing 3 new models for the team and two of them are ogre ladies. So, if Ogre women is your thing then you’re in luck, make sure to check out forge world on Saturday.

And finally, we come to the warhammer 40K open day at warhammer world. This was on the 30th of November and they showed a lot of upcoming stuff. 

To start us off they showed a compilation video of their animation stuff that they have been working on. Now they do say that some of the stuff shown is just for show and some of the stuff is going to be released as a animation series but the first one set to be completed is the angels of death project and the first trailer is to be released at the 
las Vegas open in January.
The other two big things they show is the more sisters of battle models and a skitarii flyer model.

Triumph of Saint Katherine is a damn beautiful centre piece for the sisters of battle and better again it is getting released early next year! 

The skitarii have also got a big model release. The cult mechanicus has gotten a flyer called the Archaeopter. This flyer has got a bit of mixed reaction, mostly because of the wings but I really like it, I think it fits the skitarii aesthetic perfectly. 

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