Building Space Marine Heroes

These two models i am familiar with. Both these guys cam with the Betrayal at Calth box a few years back and i already had painted up the regular captain for the Road to Guilliman painting series.

Lets start with the terminator captain. Its a small single sprue with a 40mm base

Once all clipped off and cleaned up altogether there was six pieces to the model.

What i usually like to do is glue the body and the leg parts first because it lets me glue him to the base so it gives a solid building part going forward.

Two of the last three parts were the cape and the piece that covers the shoulders. The final pies was his storm bolter gun. It was the left side of it.

The other hero, the chaplin, was also six pieces, the cape, head and leg, body and left arm, back pack and then two pieces of his hand weapon.

As per the usual i started with the solid body. Two pieces and his base were the start.

The next two pieces added were his cape and his back pack.

The final two pieces were his hand weapon. One of the pieces is really small so be careful not to drop it cause it can be easily lost!

With the two all finished, side by side they look like great hero models. Poses are epic and they have enough to make them stand out from the crowd.

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