Building Plauge Marine Icon Bearer

Over the last few weeks i have fallen a bit behind in keeping up with building the models from the the weekly magazine warhammer conquest. I usually build them as soon they come out but over the last month just started to build up. I have about 3 or maybe 4 issues to get through so the first one i put together was the Plague Marine Icon Bearer 

It was a small single sprue and once all the parts were clipped off there was 5 pieces and a 32mm base. 

So far so good, the body and leg parts fitted really well. Its a pretty solid chunk of the model and gluing to the base at this point made it easier and sturdier for gluing the arms on next.

The finished model looks great. Overall it was a was a easy model to put together and didn't have any trouble with it. Its a model that im looking forward to painting some day because i love his banner and his pose

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