Primaris Mephiston & Battleforces: Warhammer News

Coming up for pre order this week will be 10 brand new battleforce sets. Warhammer 40K will have 6 of the battle forces. They are the space wolves, blood angels. Tau, Chaos space marines, Drukhari and Trynids. The other 4 are for age of sigmar. they include night haunt, stormcast eternals, skaven and gloomspite gitz.

I'm always a fan of boxes like this especially if they save you some money and that’s what these boxes are designed to do. How much your going to save is still unknown. I roughly calculated three of the boxes and they add up to be pretty pricey. 

The skaven box added to €190, the gloomspite gitz added to€205 and the chaos marine set roughly added to €167.50. so, with the prices going between 160 and 200 my guess is the price of each boxe could be €150.

Now on to something that is coming in the near future. Did any of you guys collect the warhammer conquest weekly magazines? We are all familiar with it by now, a weekly magazine that came with paints and models and at the end you had a army of space marines and the death guard. As of now its on issue 64. But a couple of months ago Hachette Partworks had released a age of sigmar version across parts of the uk and Spain. These ended up being trial release and not many people got their hands on an issue. 

But the good news is they have announced on the warhammer community website that it is getting a full release in January, the bad news is its only being released in the uk and spain (hopefully Ireland too). Warhammer conquest is an amazing magazine for warhammer hobbyists. Yes, your committing to buying the magazine for almost two years but your getting two armies, scenery, rules and paints at a much much cheaper price than usual. I will be definitely getting the mortal realms version so let me know if you guys are getting it also. 

And finally we come to mephiston. The Chief Librarian of the Blood Angels has received make over and he is looking good! He has a size increase to fit with the primaris size and the best news is he up for pre order this this Saturday the 30th of November.

Look there’s nothing much more I can say about the model because it looks great. Good pose, great details on the armour although the sword looks a little funky towards its point. This guy is going to look great leading some blood angel primaris marines into battle and its another great looking HQ choice for the blood angels. 


You can check out the video from the Spungehammer painting YouTube channel

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