Mortisan Soulmason, Salamanders and Imperial Fists: Warhammer news

Another new Ossiarch Bonereapers model has been revealed, Mortisan Soulmason is a new hero model for the army and this is the guy that’s in charge of the soul harvesting that makes each ossiarch warrior.

The actual model itself sitting down on his own walking throne that carries him around. The creature carrying him looks like it made of different creatures. The bottom looks like its from the Gothizzar harvester while the top part looks like the arms from the necropolis stalkers.

This guy is full of details from his nagash looking had, his staff, his throne itself to the soul vial he is holding. But the best detail is his head, he looks very sinister and almost has a old school skeletor look.
As usual there is now release date details but we have seen so much of the army now it has to be soon.

Salamanders, Imperial Fists and More

On to the next news piece and its great news for space marine players! Or more specifically Salamanders and Iron fists players. Two new codex supplements are up for pre order this Saturday. I love the idea of theses armys getting their own codex but even better they get two new character models. Tor garadon from the imperial fists and Adrax Agatone from the salamanders are the 3rd company captains of their chapters.
Adrax agatone looks amazing in the salamanders fire armour with his hand flamer and hammer.

Chip hazard, oh sorry I mean tor garadon, is the man. He looks like he Is out to kill someone with that power fist. He looks intimidating with the kinda snarl on his face, the shoulder gun and he looks like he has this scary presence about him.

Rules wise they don’t say much except they are devastating in close combat and they allow nearby units to re-roll hits of 1.
The also showed the new impulsor tank. If I’m wrong correct me on this but I think this is the first transportation tank for primaris marines. It also has some heavy weaponry for anti-aircraft and so forth.
Infiltrators and incursors are the final unit that the Warhammer community site shows. These guys look like they are the scouts of the primaris marines. “Sneak behind enemy lines, disrupt communications, sabotage targets of opportunity and sweep around the flanks of spearhead advances” is how these guys are described and I’m not to sure about these models.

The normal space marine scouts have a “scout” look to them, they look like how they should look like, camo, very lightly armored and look like they travel light. These guys look nice but they are too similar to primaris marines. I want my scouts to look like scouts not a primaris marines lite version.

Make sure to check the warhammer community site for more details.

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