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Welcome to the first Warhammer news post for the website! Time permitting im going to cover some of the weekly news from the internet but more specifically from the Warhammer community website. But most but the most important part of these posts is your thoughts are on these news bytes so make sure to let me know in the comment section below. 

  Games workshop and marvel unite

So the first thing is ­­something that has come completely out of the blue, Games workshop has announced that they are teaming up with Marvel to create Warhammer comics.
For some reason you are unfamiliar with Marvel, there the comic book company that created  Spiderman, x-men, captain America, the avengers, iron man and tons more.

Very little information is given to us at the moment, but the release date is set for the autumn 2020. But the only detail I can see other than a rough release date is at the end of the article they mention going to the 40K and age of Sigmar Facebook page for discussion, so it looks like it’s going to be 40K and Age of Sigmar comic books.


Games workshop has said that the current warcry starter set isn’t going to be around for much longer. It could be gone by the time of writing this. But they have said that the terrain from that set is going to be available separately before long.

They have also said that a new book with all the warband rules is being released. But the biggest news is they showed two new warcry models and said two new warbands are on the way. A Barbarous pit fighter from the spire tyrants and a beast called Fomorid crusher.

Drazhar, The Master of Blades

A new model for the Drukhari has been shown and it is a beaut! From the info given on the article, Drazhar, the master of blades, is a stone cold killer and the model shows. No date has been given but they have given us a look at his weapon stats and his ability “lethal precision”.

The red gobbo

The GW Christmas model is here and this year it’s the red Gobbo. Of course, the model is based on an older model with the same name that was the leader of the rebel grots on gorkamorka and was the head of Da Kommitte of the grots.

I think last year’s model was the white dwarf in space marine armour so its nice to see them carrying on this tradition of a Christmas model.

The Grymwatch

And finally, we come to the latest warband for Warhammer underworlds. The Grymwatch are a warband of crypt ghouls and they are gorgeous. Each model stands out as individuals and on the Warhammer community they give out loads of details and stats of the warband but most importantly they are up for pre order right now! These are definitely going on my list of models to buy. 

Thats it for this warhammer news post, as i said earlier, time permitting im hoping to keep this a regular thing and keep up to date with all the warhammer news

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