Primaris Librarian: The road to Guilliman painting challenge

Update number 8 had me painting a primaris librarian model. There was two things that had me worried a bit about painting this guy, the robe and making him look like he is using his psychic powers.

I wanted to give him the look that he is using some sort of psychic powers so i place some rocks on his base to look like they are rising up. I drybrushed some calgar blue followed by a lighter drybush of scar white. I did the same with his left hand to show he is using his powers. 

His robe is done with steel legion drab. I didnt want to do lighter colour because i knew i had the chaplin model to paint next and i wanted to do his robes a lighter colour.

The rest of the model was done with the usual colours ive used throughout the painting challenge
Blue armour: macgragge blue, nuln oil and calgar blue highlights
Gold: retributor armour, agrax earthshade and liberator gold
Metal: Leadbelcher, nuln oil and stormhost silver
Yellow: Averland sunset, agrax earthshade
Red: mephiston red, agrax earthshade
Parchment: rakarth flesh, agrax earthsade
Base and rocks: mechanicus standard gre, agrax earthshade, dawn stone grey (dry brushed)

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