Primaris Captain: The road to Guilliman painting challenge

Update number six had me back painting a primaris model but not just any model but the primaris captain!

This is the second hq choice in the challenge so far and i was not looking forward to painting the power sword! In my mind the power sword is has to glowing with power, a visual thing of beauty to look at. That sounds awesome until it comes down to me painting it!

Ive always thought as my painting level as in the middle. Not golden demon level but more at the level of decent table top standard. My blending skills are not high enough to put that awesome glow effect on the sword so i had to think of another way.

Thats when i went to the old reliable dry brushing technique. So painted the blade, put a nuln oil shade in the lower part and then i slowly built two layers of white scar by drybrushing.

The end result turned out pretty decent and im happy with it. I painted the armour a lighter blue to help him stick out more when among units.

As always here is the YouTube video to along with this update

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