Contemptor Dreadnought: The road to Guilliman painting challenge

Update number seven for the "road to guilliman" painting challenge finally has me painting something that's not just primaris sized! This contemptor dreadnougt has been in my collection for a while now and its from the betrayal at calth box set released a few years ago and i thought its finally a good time to get around to painting it.

As far as the paint scheme used its the exact same as the intercessors and the reivers. Macragge blue undercoat, nuln oil shad in the recesses and highlighted edges with calgar blue.

The gold was retributor armour, agrax earthshade shade and a highlight of liberator gold. Sometimes i
use reikland fleashshade instead of agrax depending on how dark i want the gold to look.

As now as for the scroll parts. I kept messing around with what base colours, shades and highlights to use but eventually i settled on zandri dust and a screaming skull highlight over a agrax eathshade shade. 

Although there is a good chunk of the model that as silver metal exposed its done with the most reliable painting scheme, leadbelcher, nuln oil then stormhost silver.

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