The Standard bearer: The Skurvy boys

The work on the Scurvy boys warband continues and this week i have added a standard bearer to their ranks.

Every army or warband needs a standard bearer to help rally the troops and yes even even the skaven have standard bearers! I wanted the model to stick out with a big enough banner but not have an overbearing presence.

One thing i wanted was a custom Skurvy boys logo on it but it would have taken to long and at that point most of the model was finished. I went with a standard skaven logo in a black circle but maybe in the future i might design something and work it into the warband somehow. 

I gave his axe weapon the look of a magic weapon. I did this because the warband are pirates and they use all sorts of weapons they have pillaged on their travels. Some might have a knife or a cleaver and some could be using magical weapons without realizing it yet.

Overall im really happy how the model turned out. All the pieces are from the stormvermin kit and the only part i changed is removing the hand from the banner because it was on the left hand, then pinning it to his right hand.

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