Lieutenant Calsius: The road to Guilliman painting challenge

The road to Guilliman painting challenge is still going strong! On this weeks to do list is the lieutenant Calsius model. Finally i get a break from painting units and get to focus on just a single model.

I loved this model when i first got and after painting it i still do but i really wish i had taken a bit more time to work on the white colour. The guy only has to small parts that are white but there prominent parts. Now i know that to paint white you have to build it up in layers and on add the white as a highlight but for some reason that i still cant figure out why, but straight away i put the white paint on it without building to it. 

The problem that is it looks like a blob and covers any detail. So with some nail polish remover and a cotton earbud i carefully removed the paint and started fresh with celestial grey and worked it up from then.

The big thing i did was i went with a brighter armour colour. With the time restrictions i put on this challenge i dont have enough time to experiment with the armour colour so i stuck with the macragge blue colour. So with Calsius i painted the armour with a 50/50 mix of macragge blue and calgar blue. I think the brighter colour helps him stuck out a bit more from the rest of the units.

I wanted to add some bright/glow look on his power sword but i think its something that i need more practice with. I went with green because i didn't want to much blue on the model.

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