The road to Guilliman painting challenge

I have finally done it. I have finally sat and sorted out what im going to do with all my space marine models. I needed something to give me that final push and get all these models painted. So i came up with "The road to Guilliman painting challenge"

The idea behind this challenge is to get me to finally paint up my space marine army. I have collected quite a few models over the years but now that im collecting warhammer conquest every week, the collection is growing bigger and bigger. I had even purchased the Triumvirate of the primarch set, built Guilliman but never painted him!

But the challenge is set, i have laid down a set of rules and over the next few months this space marine army is getting painted!

The rules for the road to challenge are easy
1. All models on the painting list have to be finished and based before i paint Guilliman
2. Models can be added to the list but cannot be removed
3. All models must painted as ultra marines
4. There has to be an update video every week until the challenge is finished. If not then it rolls over to two updates the next week etc. This is to keep me on track and keeping making videos and making post on my website

Sounds simple enough but how many models are on the list so far?

19 primaris marines
6 primaris reivers
1 pirmaris captain
1 librarian
1 apothecary
2 inceptors
1 dreadnought
lieutenant calsius
3 aggressors
Grand Master Aldrik Voldus
5 30k terminators
1 30k dreadnought
13 30k tactical marines
5 word bearers
command squad
1 imperial marine
and of course Roboute Guilliman

Ok! So that's quite a few models so far and most weeks more is going to be added on with warhammer conquest! I'm looking forward to the challenge and the getting the painting rust off is gonna be rough but over the course of the challenge im hoping my skills improve.

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