Themed Skaven army lists: Spitclaws hired assassins

For this weeks 1000pts themed army list i wanted to make a list that included Spiteclaws swarm. I was really surprised to see the unit in the new battletome and spiteclaw himself is a hero choice that automaticly comes with the four other members of the swarm. With Spiteclaw and his swarm as the leader choice i thought about how different clans sell their services and who better than Clan Eshin!

The bulk of last weeks list was made up of mostly Night Runners (70 to be exact!) so i wanted to add some Eshin units as hired units to do specific jobs. i wanted to have enough to do some damage but not so much to be most of the army.

Spiteclaw's swarm   140pts
Clan rats x20           120pts
Clan rats x20           120pts
Clan rats x20           120pts
Deathmaster           100pts
Gutter runners x20  200pts
Gutter runners x20  200pts
Total                        1000pts

The whole idea behind the theme is that spiteclaw needs some back up for his army and enlisted some help from clan eshin. The Eshin units are to infiltrate and act as distraction unit.

Spiteclaw and his swarm 
The army s leader choice and one of the books very few named characters. The fun thing is with spiteclaw is the swam comes automatically and his special rule "there are always more" keeps them coming back. I like to think of these as Spitclaws honor guards

Clan rats
Every Skaven army needs body's and in spiteclaws small army i was able to squeeze in 60 in that are split into three units of 20. Gives the illusion that the army is bigger than it actually is.


The Deathmaster adds another hero model to the list. Since the eshin choices are slim the Deathmaster is an almost automatic choice for anything that's includes the eshin boys.

Gutter runners
Ah finally the Gutter runners get a good showing compared to the last list. Two units of 20. Both units are support units and are to infiltrate using there rule "sneaky infiltrators". They have 2 attacks and a range of 12 inches with their throwing stars so the can deal some damage on the turn the arrive.

I love the idea of how Skaven are so foul that the only way they can get help from fellow clans is to pay for it and thats what spite claw had to do. Yes they had a Deathmaster and some Gutter runners on their side but its only time before the eshin boys get offer against Spiteclaw.

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