Themed Skaven army lists: Clan Eshin

So i was going through the new Skaven army battletome and was looking at the pitched battle profiles (points). Now im not fully update date on what the strongest to take for the Skaven so i thought about making some army lists that have a theme or a story to them. They probably wont the most competitive army lists but that's not what these lists are for. Most of these lists will be 1000 points and will have more of a creative feel than a competitive feel.

This weeks army list based on Clan Eshin. Whats the problem with creating a Clan Eshin list?
They only have 3 units! Deathmaster, Gutter runners and Night runners. Thats it! If you wanted a 100% pure Eshin list then a Deathmaster, 60 Gutter runners and 40 Night runners. Sounds a bit boring from a creative perspective dosnt it?

Lets mix it up a little bit
Deathmaster           100pts
Warlock engineer   100pts
Grey seer                120pts
Rat Ogors x2           100pts
Night runners x40  280pts
Night runners x30  240pts
Gutter runners x5   60pts
Total                       1000pts

Bit of a mix here but i based this list from playing the Mordheim game on the ps4 where the Skaven warband is Eshin but has more unit(s) the don't have the Eshin keyword.

The only hero choice that Eshin has. I could have had two Deathmasters but having just one i think it ads the importance of the Deathmaster. Its an obvious choice as the leader 

Warlock Engineer
Not only chosen to give the army some sort of variety but in the old Mordheim rules the warplock pistol is part of the special equipment for hero's. I really wanted a guy with a warplock pistol in this army and apart from the warplock Jezzails and the ratling gun the engineer is the only guy who has access to a pistol

Grey Seer and the Rat Ogors
This is the biggest influence from Mordheim. Rat Ogors have to pass a stupidity test in Mordheim before they can do anything unless an Eshin Grey Seer is nearby. So i thought i best take both!

Night runners
This is the meat of the army. I don't play the game but even i can tell that these guys need to be taken in massive units to dish out some damage. Two units of 40 and 30. Only downer about it is the current Night runner models are old as shit and need an update badly. 

Gutter runners
A sneaky 5 man unit to round it off to a nice even 1000 points. Incredibly small compared to the two big units of Night runners but with the sneaky infiltrators rule the small unit might go unnoticed on the battlefield. 

This list is heavily influenced from Mordheim. There is a nice mix with the hero models but with the majority of any Eshin army its going to be made up of Night runners and Gutter runners. Lore wise this army makes no sense because clan Eshin are sneaky, unseen and hit with multiple small units but for this army the Eshin lads are out in the open and in big units.

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