Carrion Empire Lore Part 2: Then came Nagash...

So in part 1 we looked at the rise of Metallurgica and how they have become a powerhouse in the realm of metal but with so much success and power surly it can attract bigger enemies?

Metallurgica's rise was during the age of chaos. All across the mortal realms chaos demons were flooding out of realm gates and nations fled towards Azyr. Even Sigmar himself was forced to retreat to Realm of heavens and shut the gates of Azyr. 

With two strongly defended realmgates and a strongly fortified fortress king Thyador Durenstein chose to stay and fight. Although Metallurgica had a strong army and defenses, it was still deemed crazy to stand and fight but king Thyador's reason to stay was down to tradition. 

Thyador did not want to abandon the artifice engines. The artifice engines could not be moved and Thyador did not want to abandon thousands of years of Durenstein tradition.  The army's of Metallurgica began to prepare for their strongest fight with all heirlooms being equipped to their hero's. Although they successfully fought back chaos warbands, its end started with three simple words

Then came Nagash

Nagash had betrayed Sigmar and had to stay one step ahead to escape his wrath. The lord of the dead had turned his focus on the magical artifacts that Metallurgicia had and how with their power in his army he could gain an advantage over Sigmar. 

In a single night hidden covens of necromancers in Metallurgicia began to start their rituals. As soon as the rituals began graves started to rumble and before long Metallurgicia's dead began to rise. Deadwalkers and zombies overwhelmingly began to fill the streets, farmlands and towns. Metallurgicia's army were not prepared for an attack from inside their own walls and the hoards of undead took over.  

After weeks of fighting what was left of Metallurgicias's empire were pushed back to Durenberg. King Thyador knew they were fighting a loosing battle and had to do something drastic. He planned on using the magical artifact called the mirror of distant things, an ancient heirloom that isn't told how it works but its story tells of how Thyador's nephew used it to steal one of the sacred books of Nagash.

Eagerly Thyador raced to the Arcasanctum and attempted to throw the book into the chambers churning reality forge. What Thyador thought what was going to be his victory was really his end. At that moment he had awoken a curse within the tome.  An apparition of Nagash suddenly appeared before a paralyzed Thyador and took the book from his hands. Nagash uttered a curse or madness upon the last king of Metallurgici. Vampirism and cannibalism claimed Thyador first and then the remaining members of his army. 

Metallurgicia was no more. Its people had become cannibals and for centuries they lived with the delusion that they had defeated Nagash and things went back to normal. Its cities had fell to ruins and its coveted artifice engines were reduced to bone holders. Now the lands had become homes to ghoul packs who burrowed in the mines and the palace of miracles had a new owner in the Abhorrant Archregent Thyador. 

So Metallurgicia had fallen but what happened next? Thats where the Skaven come in but thats for part 3!

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  1. Will there be a part 3 released in the future?