Themed Skaven army lists: Spitclaws hired assassins

For this weeks 1000pts themed army list i wanted to make a list that included Spiteclaws swarm. I was really surprised to see the unit in the new battletome and spiteclaw himself is a hero choice that automaticly comes with the four other members of the swarm. With Spiteclaw and his swarm as the leader choice i thought about how different clans sell their services and who better than Clan Eshin!

Carrion Empire Lore Part 2: Then came Nagash...

So in part 1 we looked at the rise of Metallurgica and how they have become a powerhouse in the realm of metal but with so much success and power surly it can attract bigger enemies?

Metallurgica's rise was during the age of chaos. All across the mortal realms chaos demons were flooding out of realm gates and nations fled towards Azyr. Even Sigmar himself was forced to retreat to Realm of heavens and shut the gates of Azyr. 

Themed Skaven army lists: Clan Eshin

So i was going through the new Skaven army battletome and was looking at the pitched battle profiles (points). Now im not fully update date on what the strongest to take for the Skaven so i thought about making some army lists that have a theme or a story to them. They probably wont the most competitive army lists but that's not what these lists are for. Most of these lists will be 1000 points and will have more of a creative feel than a competitive feel.

This weeks army list based on Clan Eshin. Whats the problem with creating a Clan Eshin list?
They only have 3 units! Deathmaster, Gutter runners and Night runners. Thats it! If you wanted a 100% pure Eshin list then a Deathmaster, 60 Gutter runners and 40 Night runners. Sounds a bit boring from a creative perspective dosnt it?