Set sail Skury boys: Studio Update

One of the projects that i have been wanting to make a proper go of in the last few years is the Skaven's clan skurvy army. 

Now for those who don't know who or what clan skurvy is they are a warlord clan from the old world that controlled the largest clan fleets that the skaven had. Set in the port of Spineport the clan got their fortunes from piracy, which was usually spent on buying slaves or replacing crew members. As you would expect from the skaven each ship had high levels of mutiny but the crew always stayed loyal to the ship they were on rather than its captain.

So as a start to the project i wanted to start at a warband level because it lets me give each crew member a unique look, so for now i have five models planned.

Lets start off with the Sealord. This is the captain of the boat. I have chosen the Spinetail model for this because of the massive sword he has and his pose suits the look of a Sealord.

Next i added the new model from the carrion empire box the bombardier. I added him because in the uniforms and heraldry books it shows a warlock engineer with a doom rocket as part of the clan skurvy crew so i thought the time was right so i can just add him in.

Now we come to the crew. I have four members so far and they are almost finished.

First up we have the engineer. I gave him some sort of navigation tool and i cut off his right hand and replaced it with a hook.

Then we have the the veteran of the the crew. This model is from an old warhammer quest set that i had bought of ebay. The rough and older look of this guy suited him perfectly to be ships veteran member.

Of course every crew needs a guy who uses a pistol and this model from the island of blood set was perfect for it. I replaced his right arm to another arm holding a sword and removed the backpack and pipes from the gun.

And finally we have the guy who looks like hes ready to jump into a fight. This guy is from the spiteclaws swarm set and i replaced his right had to one that's holding a meat clever. This make it look like the crew will use and sharp weapons that's in their reach.

One trait that i wanted to give the crew was that they all had to have some of their tail missing. Its almost like an initiation requirement be become a crew member. The colour of clan skurvy had me worried because i haven't used a yellow as the prominent colour like i have done with these. But it worked out well, most of it is averland sunset and highlighted with yriel yellow and for the metal parts like the armour and the weapons i used a agrax earthsahde instead of the usual nuln oil shade because i wanted it to look old and used.

There isn't to much left to do on the crew so i am going to be working their bases next because i want it match the wooden deck of a boat. I'm going to use some balsa wood but i need to get some more thinner sheets.

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