Carrion Empire Lore Part 1: Metallurgica

The carrion empire has given us a few things, two new hero models, a good box fox for beginners, Incredible value for money and an interesting background story to tie it all together. So whats the story with carrion empire? Whats the reason why the Skaven and the flesh eater courts are fighting each other?

The box gives us a 40 page book with the story of carrion empire, model pictures, warscrolls and battle plan. The first 14 pages are all about the lore and it begins in the age of myth.


The story begins in chamon, the realm of metal. Known as one of the most dangerous realms but it is home to some of the most precious stones known across all mankind. Human and Duardin civilization began to flourish under the banner of Sigmar with tribes creating Armour, weapons and war engines to fight off orruk hoards and raiders.The human and Duardin alliance grew stronger with both were benefiting from each other and the kingdoms of chamon expanded rapidly.

The biggest expansion that grew was the empire of Metallurgica ruled by the Durenstein family. The domains queen was the daughter of Omnori Durenstein called Alemnicia. It was during her reign that Sigmar came to Metallurgica in person and shared the secrets of alchemy and industrio-sorcerous with its rulers and as a gift he left several trusted duardin craftmasters as advisors to the queen. 

Through this villages grew to towns, towns grew to cities and cities merged together to become known as Durenberg and with this expansion massive fortresses had risen and colleges of alchemy lore and learning became a staple. 

By the time king Phylactor Durenstein III Metallurgica had become a powerhouse. It had become an impenetrable fortress that monsters and raiders could only dream of getting through. Just like any empire political tensions arouse but the empire was mostly peaceful and prosperous.

Metallurgica rise can be put down to their skill. Thanks to Sigmar they have been able to maintain an extraordinary level of master craftsmanship over time.  Some believe that this gift of craftsmanship  ran through he veins of the Durenstein family. The secrets of their artifacts was recorded in a book called the book of heirlooms. its said as long as the Durenstein family was in command Metallurgica would
never fall. 

A right of passage that the Durenstein family had passed down to each heir of the throne was that they had to create an enchanted artifact of great power that would become a symbol of their ruler ship on their coronation.  Magical swords, armour, axes, spears, helms, scepters, mirrors, rings, broaches and rings are just a few to name that were made throughout generations but these were also produced by the Durenstein regents to hone their skills. All these enchanted artifacts remained in the palace of miracles.

It was these heirlooms that made the Metallurgica's army a powerful force. Any warlords or rivals civilizations that were foolish enough to attempt an invasion we quickly cut down by forces led with the powerful heirlooms. 

The army's of Metallurgica had successfully fought along side Sigmars forces against chaos but this success was the beginning of Metallurgica's downfall.

This is part one of my carrion empire lore review. Keep an eye out for part two!

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