Building Review Bombardier and Ghoul King

The carrion empire box gave us two new models with the Skaven Bombardier and the flesh eater courts Abhorrant Archregent Ghoul king. So what are the models like to build? 

Ok so i should have taken more photos of the building process but i did record a video review for my YouTube channel.

An overall thought on building the models is that both are a different level of building grades. The ghoul king is the harder one. Its one of those models that's engineered beyond just gluing two arms, legs, body and a head. For instance his head isn't one solid piece, half of it is attached to its body as one piece on the sprue. Another part is his nails are a tiny single piece that attaches to his hand. I had glue all over my fingers when putting this guy together but in the end its well worth it. Love its pose, scenic base and love the model.

Now the Skaven Bombardier went together extremely easy. This guy is more chunkier than the Ghoul King and has a more solid feel to him. I love his weapon the doomrocket. Its something only a Skaven hero would use. Theirs not to much more to say, it was very straight forward but that results in a quick yet battle looking ready model.

Get a better look at the build in this video

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