Carrion Empire Lore Part 1: Metallurgica

The carrion empire has given us a few things, two new hero models, a good box fox for beginners, Incredible value for money and an interesting background story to tie it all together. So whats the story with carrion empire? Whats the reason why the Skaven and the flesh eater courts are fighting each other?

The box gives us a 40 page book with the story of carrion empire, model pictures, warscrolls and battle plan. The first 14 pages are all about the lore and it begins in the age of myth.


Set sail Skury boys: Studio Update

One of the projects that i have been wanting to make a proper go of in the last few years is the Skaven's clan skurvy army. 

Building Review Bombardier and Ghoul King

The carrion empire box gave us two new models with the Skaven Bombardier and the flesh eater courts Abhorrant Archregent Ghoul king. So what are the models like to build?