Warlock Bombardiers and Abhorrant Archregent rules preview

More news is coming out today about the new Carrion Empire box and id expect more is going to come out up until its pre order date of 9/02/19. So today we got a sneak preview of some of the rules for the Warlock Bombardiers and the Abhorrant Archregent.

Warlock Bombardiers
We start off with the new Warlock Bombardiers. These guys are known as the missile support from clan Skyre. Not only armed with a doom rocket abut they can also cast the warp Lightning spell.
I noticed that the rules say "Before casting the role, you can say that rhis model will use its warp-power accumulator to augment this spell". By the sounds of it some skaven spell casters can boost their spells, maybe it could be a rule just for Skyre spell casters.

 If the doom rocket wasn't enough then you can boost it to 2D6 damage, but beware of the consequences!

Model this guy on top of a warp lightning canon and let him rip!

 Abhorrant Archregent

Now for the other character. Im delighted to finally see another model for the ghoul king that dosn't require getting the zombie dragon kit. But im not to sure if this guy will get a separate release from the Carrion Empire box, but fingers crossed both characters will.
The only rule shared is the Ferocious Hunger spell. If cast successfully this guy and the unit he cast it on is going to cause a lot of damage!

More previews are going to be released during the week so make sure to check back tomorrow.

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