Rules preview from the new Skaven battletome

Over on the warhammer community site they gave us a preview of some of the new rules from the upcoming Skaven battetome. the new rules range from allegiance abilities to new spells. They also gave us some new artwork from the book which is absolutely gorgeous! It gets you well pumped for the new book!

Starting off we are told that the skaven will have four allegiance abilities and six clan specific allegiance abilities.  That is great news for building army's and clans for specific clans.

The four abilities shown are overwhelming mass, lead from the back, prized creations (clan moulder) and mighty warlords (Clan verminus)

Good news for those who favor Clan Eshin (like me) all is not lost. Throughout the years any update for Eshin seemed more distance but in the article on warhammer community they were mentioned twice. New models? Maybe some hero models but we badly need new night runners! At least buff clan eshin out a bit more, give them a special rule where if you take some clan rats give them some eshin abilities.

We also get two new spells, one for a grey seer and the other to clan Skyre

And finally throughout the article we are shown some beautiful art that's part of the battletome

Make sure to check back for updates during the week

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