OMG new Skaven models....Oh wait its not :-(

Let me set the scene, i had just got back from a family party, had a few drinks, not drunk but have that nice tipsy feeling. Head straight to be bed and start the usually routine of settling down for the night by checking my social media pages. So im scrolling and scrolling through Facebook and not seeing a lot happening, then suddenly this pops up 

Holy crap its really happening! We are finally getting a new skaven release! Giant rats with bombs attached looks awesome! I thought OK its not clan eshin or clan moulder but i'll take any new skaven! Its finally happening!!!!!

Then as soon as the smile came across my face it quickly went. i read the text above the picture. these are not for skaven, there for necromunda gang.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Yelling -  noooooo!!!

I quickly checked the warhammer community page to check it out and it said above the picture "Less flashy (but more adorable) are the Bomb Rats – a deadly piece of wargear for House Cawdor gangs".  Dang...........

OK OK as annoyed as i am these could still be used as giant rats for the Skaven but for two minutes i 
honestly thought they were putting out more news on a new Skaven release.
But for now we are going to have to make do with the news that at least there is a new starter box coming out with skaven in it and a new model. The rumour mill is saying that it could be out after the current Genestealer Cult releases are finished but its just rumours for now.
The image comes from the Warhammer Community site from their Horus Heresy Weekender 2019 and you can check it out here as well as seeing the new Sanguinius model.

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