New Skaven battletome announced and release date!!

Well well well what a day it has been today. Got myself all excited about seeing some new rats thinking they were part of the next skaven release but they were for necromunda. So i go about my day nothing thinking anymore about it. 

Lately im starting to check warhammer community way more often. Its incredible to think that a Games Workshop website is reliable for news and rumors. So i give it late evening check not expecting much because it was the Horus Heresy weekend. 

Started off good seeing the carrion empire box set on the top banner. I was thinking oh cool they must have some more information on the box, maybe a release date. So i click on it and on the second image down im hit with this...

Then this...

And if that wasn't enough there's this...

WHAT?! WHAT?! Im still trying to get my head around it! The news about these is flying out! The only skaven we got for age of sigmar is the clan pestilens battle tome, which was fine but we got no new models and honestly clan pestilens is my least favorite Skaven clan. That was three years ago. Us skaven rats have been starving for more with very little given (deathrunner, grey seer and warlord model).

All of a sudden we are given a release date (pre order 9/02/19) for a starter set, a new battletome and some scenery! The cover of the battletome looks awesome! The grey seer looks so pissed swinging from the bell. 

As much as id like to get it all of the new releases its not likely i can so for definite i am getting the starter box and the battletome.There is to much in that box i want for conversions and army building and of course the new battletome is a must buy. The scenery is something id like to get eventually but not to sure when. And as much as i like the dice they are not a top priority for me. I don't game so maybe if they become available later (because i bet these will sell out fast!) i might pick them up. 

Make sure to check the warhammer community site for more details because the also have details on the new Flesh Eater Courts releases that are coming out at the same time.

To get these model at a good discount make sure to click the image below and check out Element Games!

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