I won over 200 Skaven models

Ok this is crazy. Fellow hobbyist Nerdopolis Prime was having a competition over on his YouTube channel (make sure to check it out). He had hit 1000 subscribers and to celebrate he was giving away his Skaven army. With the help from IDIC Beer i was the lucky winner and oh boy did he sent an Skaven army!

First of all a massive thanks to Nerdopolis for sending me this army it is amazing! I was expecting a couple of models from the old island of blood starter box .This huge box arrived at my house full of Skaven models and i had to split everything up into tubs...eight tubs!

Lets start off with a big number. We got five tubs of all clan rats, each tub containing 35 clan rats and one tub has 36. That's 176 clan rats! I'm pretty sure if i didn't have that many clan rats already! This amount of clan rats lets me create and paint bigger units for any projects i want to make. 

Tub number 6 is mixture of plague monks and night runners. I had just recently got some plague monks from the start collecting Skaven box for the first time and i had painted up a box of night runners a few years back. I'm not the biggest fan of the night runner models but they have some charm about them. Altogether there were 28 night runners and 10 plague monks.

Tub number 7 was mixed with some of the special teams from the island of blood box and an old metal warp lightning canon. Getting the old warp lightning canon was a real gem, the three crew men were also with it. Some of the special teams are going to be getting converted up. One will be getting changed up to a ratling gun to go with my clan skurvy war band. There is roughly 8 special teams and 1 warp lightning canon.

Tub 8 is the tub of hero's. To my delight there was a shit ton of pack masters in here, 10 to be precise, 3 assassin models (one was the deathmaster model!), 1 island of blood warlord, 1 spiteclaw model, 4 warlocks, a grey seer and 3 metal rat ogors. A box worth its weight in gold!

But the biggest surprise of all was finding the original Thanquol and Boneripper models! Oh man was i over the moon when i realized all the parts were there!
Last year i had painted the newer version of this and i wanted it as a center piece for my skaven collection. For this one id like to put the two of them on a single base.

This is an amazing haul. Nerdopolis literally sent me an army! Altogether the model count roughly ads up to 248. Insane! This gives me ton's of options for future projects and conversions. Make sure to check out nerdos channel above.

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