How much money do you save with Carrion Empire?

Carrion empire is finally available for pre order. The new starter set is packed with 33 models, rule book and 8 warscrolls. As a Skaven collector im over the moon to see the Skaven as part of a starter set and im a big fan of the Flesh eater court models also. So with the box coming in at €125 how much are you saving?

 Crypt Ghast Courtier: €37
Lets start of with the Crypt Ghast Courtier. 20 of these are included in the box, that's the same amount that comes in the Crypt Ghast Courtier box and its a good sized unit for playing with. 

Crypt Horrors: €37
Crypt Horrors are one of my favorite unites in the game. The bigger muscular version of Crypt Ghasts are full of detail, great for converting and overall they look great. Same sized unit as their normal box.

Crypt Flayers: €37
Crypt Flayers are part of the Crypt Horrors set. They come as multi part kit meaning you can make one or the other (Great box for bits). Not to fond of the arm wings but still cool models. Same sized unit as their normal box.

Stormfiends: €50
 Stormfiends, the combination of clan Moulder and clan Skyre. Three walking, hulking warmachines and all three have unique weaponry. Same sized unit as their normal box.

 Doomwheel: €26
Look at this thing! Skaven really are a bunch of crazy bastards. The Doomwheel is the only kit from the set that i dont have but im looking forward to getting it.

Warp Lightning Cannon: €26
And finally we come to the Warp lightning cannon. Another multipart kit  that gives you the chpice to make the cannon or the Plagueclaw catapult.

All the kits combined come to €213. I know im missing the two hero models but there unavailable outside of this box. The only way to officially get a ghoul king model is with the zombie dragon kit or convert one from the crypt ghast kit. Based on the price of the most recent skaven grey seer and warlord models so you could probably add another €35 on top of the price of you wanted to but im going to leave it out for now.

Total savings of €98
So altogether your saving a massive €98! Thats a huge saving. From personal experience, i have all the kits in this box (except hero's and the doomwheel) and their all great models. Full of details and fun to paint and convert.

So are you going to get the Carrion Empire box? I have it pre ordered from element games. Plus i got a bigger saving because they have the best prices around. it got mine for €85! Check it out below


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