I won over 200 Skaven models

Ok this is crazy. Fellow hobbyist Nerdopolis Prime was having a competition over on his YouTube channel (make sure to check it out). He had hit 1000 subscribers and to celebrate he was giving away his Skaven army. With the help from IDIC Beer i was the lucky winner and oh boy did he sent an Skaven army!

First look at 40K Funko pops

Games workshop has given us the first look at their new 40K Funko pops at the New York toy fair. Up until now we have on seen artists drawing or digital images but we have finall got a look at the four funkos.

How much money do you save with Carrion Empire?

Carrion empire is finally available for pre order. The new starter set is packed with 33 models, rule book and 8 warscrolls. As a Skaven collector im over the moon to see the Skaven as part of a starter set and im a big fan of the Flesh eater court models also. So with the box coming in at €125 how much are you saving?

Rules preview from the new Skaven battletome

Over on the warhammer community site they gave us a preview of some of the new rules from the upcoming Skaven battetome. the new rules range from allegiance abilities to new spells. They also gave us some new artwork from the book which is absolutely gorgeous! It gets you well pumped for the new book!

Warlock Bombardiers and Abhorrant Archregent rules preview

More news is coming out today about the new Carrion Empire box and id expect more is going to come out up until its pre order date of 9/02/19. So today we got a sneak preview of some of the rules for the Warlock Bombardiers and the Abhorrant Archregent.

New Skaven battletome announced and release date!!

Well well well what a day it has been today. Got myself all excited about seeing some new rats thinking they were part of the next skaven release but they were for necromunda. So i go about my day nothing thinking anymore about it. 

Lately im starting to check warhammer community way more often. Its incredible to think that a Games Workshop website is reliable for news and rumors. So i give it late evening check not expecting much because it was the Horus Heresy weekend. 

OMG new Skaven models....Oh wait its not :-(

Let me set the scene, i had just got back from a family party, had a few drinks, not drunk but have that nice tipsy feeling. Head straight to be bed and start the usually routine of settling down for the night by checking my social media pages. So im scrolling and scrolling through Facebook and not seeing a lot happening, then suddenly this pops up