Warhammer Funko Pops Yay or Nay?

Something that have taken almost everyone by surprise is the announcement that games Workshop made at the London toy fair. They announced that they are collaborating Funko to release their first wave of warhammer 40K Funko Pops.

Wait? First wave?!

 If i think back roughly about ten years ago when i started the hobby, i would have never guessed that Games Workshop would have licensed out 40K to be made into a Funko Pop figure. Its still strange to think they are releasing a product that's not a model, paint or a book. I know they had released some board game stuff but its always slipped under the radar but this is much bigger. i dont think they have had something this close to being mainstream since the Space Maring game that came out a few years ago.

Personally im not a big fan of funk pops that much. Some of them are either really ugly or great looking but i think the ones based on comic book and sci fi characters can be a nice addition to a collectors shelf. As for 40K i think they look great and fit right in.

There are  four announced so far. You got ultramarine, space wolf, dark angels and a blood angel guy and all of them look unique. If i had to pick one id go for the ultra marine guy because ultra marines are my 40K army but the other three all have really nice poses and different options.

No release date has been announced yet but hopefully they will be released in the coming months so make sure to keep an eye on the warhammer community site.

So whats your thoughts on the warhammer funko pops? Do you think there are going to be age of Sigmar funkos pops down the line? Hopefully this is just the beginning of warhammer funko releases.

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