Warhammer conquest issue 9 review

Issue 9 of Warhammer conquest is back giving us some familiar models with the poxwalkers but there is a very specific why these guys are around. Stay tuned to find out more.

The poxwalkers

This week issue is back given us another set of duplicate models. we get another unit of six pox walkers on 25mm bases. For those who are not familiar with the poxwalkers just like I was, after reading the fluff these guys are basically the space zombies of 40K. 

But if you are familiar with the resident evil games and the story of the t-virus, its very reminiscent of how an outbreak of zombies works. Multiple strains of zombie plagues have stared to develop since the opening of the great rift. 

The plagues starts to infect humans and very quickly there body starts to decay and starts mutating with horns and tentacles growing out from their body. Some victims even have their guts hanging out from the stomach and others still manage to have remains of the old life remaining with some clothes still attached or even bionic limbs.

The plague constantly grows through populated areas and before long city's are taken over and society has fallen.
But does this plague exist?  For most Death Guard armies poxwalkers exist purely as canon fodder. Send out the space zombies before sending out the big guys. Which makes sense. The poxwalkers greatest strengths are in numbers but are still relatively week, so send them out first.  

But there are some that hold the poxwalkers in regard, not high regard but some regard, because they love seeing defeated soldiers and former families being victims of their plagues.

The rules

The rules this week was pretty small. it  focused on giving tips on fighting with bigger units because now we have a total of 12 poxwalkers. Tips include easier ways to move and fight with larger units.



Over all this week issue is a mixed bag. We are getting six more really nice looking models which is great but it is six more duplicate models. the rules didn’t advance except for a few small things but it did give tips for bigger unites.
But the fluff this week makes up for all of that. 

It’s a simple story of space zombies but I really enjoyed it. The tell the story of the fall of speros, a hive city that quickly gets over run with poxwalkers. The last few survivors think there about to be saved from atop of a building but oh boy were they wrong. 

I always try to find the positive of getting duplicate models and the good thing with he pox walkers is that there are enough models now to really explore different skin tones. Id like to mix up some of the infected skin colors and see what different poxie looking effects I could get.

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