Warhammer conquest issue 8 review

Issue 7 seven of Warhammer conquest is out and not only do we get a a new hero model for the space marines that brings a new psychic phase to the rules, but the model itself is valued at 3 times the price of this week’s magazine.

Space marine librarian 

This week’s issue is back giving us a new hero model to the conquest collection. 3 weeks ago, we had an introduction to hero models with lieutenant Calsius of the space marines, and this week we get another hero model with a primaris librarian.

I was excited to get this model this week because I have always overlooked any librarian models for space marine army, but now seeing this guy built up and physically seeing him it’s a great looking model. The pose is nice, and I know I know I mentioned in the calsius video that I don’t like hero models covered in hero trinkets, but I can let I slide with this guy.

Apart from the 3 bunches of purity seals, he has some keys hanging from his hip as well as a locked book. But the best part is his robe. You give a guy a robe and a cool pose he instantly gets extra coolness points!

The fluff


A psykers power is from channelled from the warp. The power travels through his body and mind giving the psyker the abilities to unleash devastating blast of psychic power and also to send messages through the warp. 

The origin of a psyker begins at the space marine recruitment phase. Anyone deemed suitable are taken by the librarius chapter and are trained to be disciplined, how to hone their powers and protect themselves from the dangers of the warp. This training protects them from the biggest danger in the warp, the demons in there that constantly seek the souls of mortals.

Once the trainees are finished at The Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, they are sent straight out to the battlefield. They use their power for destroying enemies aswell as creating protective forcefields.

The psykers choice of weapon is a force weapon, a rare weapon usually in the form of a sword or a stave. These weapons are boosted by the psykers power giving him the strength to take down the biggest of foes.

And of course, any good psyker wouldn’t be without his psychic hood. Not only does it look cool but it protects him from enemies psychic attacks.

The rules

The librarian addition has brought its own set of rules. The psychic phase is introduced, and it starts after the movement phase. The player chooses which power he wants to use, makes a psychic test and depending what the results were your either attacked by demons from the warp you’re your enemies feel the magical wrath of the librarian.


And with that id like to know your thoughts on the librarian and the addition of the psychic phase. Is this guy worth taking instead of a space marine captain? Do you think the psychic phase is strong enough?

 Overall, I like the addition of the psychic phase, it’s a little extra and something different rather than just shooting and close combat, but based on the rules so far I’m not too sure if I would take the librarian over a captain. Based on the rules so given in this months issues the power of the librarians just seem ok. Not underpowered but far from the power you would think they would have. 

But whether you like the rules or not the model is a great addition to the collection.

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