Warhammer conquest issue 1-4 review

Warhammer 40K conquest is at issue 4 now, but what is this magazine about? Is it for beginners or is it for the more seasoned Warhammer collector? Is it good value of just a cash grab gimmick? Join me as I review the first 4 issues and we see what this magazine is all about. 


Warhammer conquest is a weekly Warhammer 40K magazine released by Hachette partworks and games workshop. Each weekly issue has a mix of introductions to Warhammer 40K’s rules, lore, space marines, death guard, how to build and how to paint sections. 

Each magazine so far has come with a group of models relevant to that weeks issue and each week you slowly build your two army’s and some terrain up over 80 weeks. 

Week one we had 3 space marine intercessors, three paints, a brush and a big cool space marine poster. week two we had 3 death guard plague marines, a pot of deathguard green and some dice. week three we had 3 space marine reivers with a pot of leadbelcher and week four we got 6 poxwalkers with a pot of bugmans glow.

Each issue is roughly 20 pages long with holes punched in the side so you can put it in a folder. They look really nice, the art work, photos and layout are all really good as you would expect from a games workshop product. There all which makes storage less of an issue over 80 parts. 

 The pros and cons 

The pros: 

The value

In a nutshell you’re getting 2 army’s and terrain and the big thing about Warhammer has always been its price. But with this you are going to be saving money on both armys and the terrain. Over on Vincent Knotley's Hobby Blog (make sure to check it out), he broke down the price of each unit and estimated how much you will be saving. The Death Guard is estimated to £315.50, The space marines £348.50 and the terrain £212. Altogether its adds to £876, now that’s a lot of money but you are saving overall £251. So spread over 80 weeks it’s a pretty good deal. 

  •  The Death Guard: £315.50
  •  The space marines: £348.50
  •  The terrain: £212
A total of £876. But a saving of £251!

The models 
With the first 4 issues we have gotten 15 models so far. And they are 15 really nice-looking models! its balanced nicely so far, 2 issues with space marines and 2 with death guard. The are all push fit and really easy to put together. Perfect for the beginner just starting into the hobby. Its weekly One of the problems us hobbyist have is getting more models and never finishing or even starting them. With this coming, out weekly it kind of scratches that hobby itch. For me its keeping me on my toes because I don’t want to keep building each issues and not doing anything with them, I want to building and paint along with each new issue as it comes out. Or at least not fall to far behind! 

The ultimate beginners guide 

I honestly don’t know why they don’t put “the ultimate beginner’s guide” on all the front covers! Because that’s what this is. I’m looking at this from an experienced hobbyist side, but ultimately this is geared for beginners. Snap fit models, painting and building guides, lore background and easy to follow rules that are broken down. 

The subscription 
From the Hachette partworks website you can get a subscription delivered to your door. Doing it this way you get subscription gifts. The first week was a modelling kit. You got a clippers, glue and a mole line remover. Delivery’s 3,4,5,7 also have free gifts like a binder, a painting handle, a poster and a paint brush set. 

The cons:

As for the cons with this there isn’t really to much to pick at. The pages come off a little to easy but I’m hoping that problem is solved when I get the binder. Maybe the magazine could have a bit more in it. Its good but very basic. 

A commitment 
This is a long term collection. Right now we are getting some nice models but im sure eventually some weeks we might just get a single paint or all the parts of a tank spread over 3 issues. I know there is great money value with this but you are going to be paying money every week for a year and a half to finish this off. 

The subscription problems
The biggest problem I see people have is some have been waiting long periods to get there subscription delivered. Apparently, Hachette partworks had underestimated the popularity of the first issue and to get extra stock. I got my issue 1&2 subscription on the first of October and by then issue 5 was almost out. But that’s a problem on Hachette partworks side it doesn’t effect the quality of the magazine itself.

Final thoughts 
My overall thoughts on this is personally I love it. I havnt done any 40K hobby in a long time. This freshens me up to the current story and the newer models. Your getting to build two army’s with really nice looking models spread out over a year and a half. So your not getting a whole load of models to build and paint straight away it’s a gradual build, and I like that.

As much as id like to have all these models right now it would seem daunting to go through it all! The magazine is what it is. Experienced hobbyists are getting it because of the cheaper models, newer people get it because it’s a great entry point to the game and hobby and this in the long term could be something that’s starts to push Warhammer into a more mainstream spot.

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