Warhammer conquest issue 7 review

This week’s issue of Warhammer conquest we don’t get any models but we do get something that’s a vital addition to the hobby. 

 The shades

As I said there are no models this week which is a bummer but what we did get is a pot Agrax Earthshade and a pot of Nuln Oil. But not small pots, no, we got the big ol pots that love to get knocked over and spill all over my painting desk. 

So just in case some of you are not familiar with how shades or as I still like to call the washes work, they basically tie the colours on a model together. They are really thinned down and watery paint that’s usually applied on after the base coat stage of painting. It goes into the recesses and brings the detail more to life. 

Now the best way to use shades for me is to remember that “less means more”. And what I mean by that is its extremely tempting to rely on shades to much. Instead of putting tonnes of shade on just simply put a small amount on and its vital to spread it out as much as possible and not to let it puddle up.

As I said earlier the shades we got we got were Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil. Agrax Earthshade is a brown shade that is probably the most commonly used shade. Its almost a jack of all trades and can be used on almost everything if needed. 

Nuln Oil is a black shade and I mostly use it on metallics, more specifically silver coloured metals. It darkens the metal rather than make it dirtier like what Agrax Earthshade does. 

The ultramarines fluff

The fluff in this week’s issue is about the ultra marines home world of ultramar and seeing what goes into the making a space marine.

The genetic engineering that went into making the primarchs is still used now to create the legendary warriors.
At the beginning what they do is they recruit from their most dangerous worlds because the more dangerous the world is, the better the recruits. 

Recruits are then implanted with gene seed organs that are grown from a primarchs genetic material. Unfortunately a lot of recruits do not survive the process and the trials that come with it. But for those that do survive, it’s the beginning of their transformation of being a superhuman.

So recruits are stuffed with some new organs made from the seed of a primarch? …………..

Each marine is given a total of 19 new organs. And basically these organs enhance everything. From a secondary heart that acts as a backup heart to Lymans ear and an organ known as Betchers gland that lets space marines spit acid venom. 

Wait spit acid venom?! That’s going in the notebook for conversion ideas!

And of course the primaris marines get 3 extra organs because they had a lot more room to shove them extra organs in there.

The rules 

The rules this week introduces the fall-back rule which lets your unit retreat from combat. This is a handy rule to use when your in a pinch and I had used it in a tournament  a few years back


Overall this week’s issue was a great read. Reading the list of organs that go into space is awesome and hilarious at the same time! And just like last weeks issue it goes into the successor chapters of space manes like the Genesis chapter, silver skulls and the silver templars 

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