Warhammer conquest issue 6 review

Issue 6 of Warhammer conquest is out with 3 more models for the Death Guard. And more models means we gotta have a death guard organization chart!

More Plague Marines

This weeks issue 6 of warhammer conquest we got 3 more plague marine models bringing the chaos tally to a total of 12 models, 6 pox walkers and 6 plague marines. The main thing of note is this weeks models are duplicates of week twos models. 

I expected duplicates to happen eventually and from looking at the picture of the full collection, we still have roughly 20 more poxwalkers to get and surely they are duplicates from the ones we already got. 

Its easy to moan about getting a duplicate set, especially so soon in the collection, but I  honestly I don’t mind getting these guys again. These are 3 really nice models and the positive side of duplicates is it opens the door to conversions and different paint schemes.

The Organization of Chaos

So apart from the models what’s in this weeks magazine?

The big thing is the Death Guard organization chart. Just because there a big bunch of plague boys doesn’t mean there not organized. But the more I read into it, its clear that these guys aren’t just organized, they have organization down to a tee.

It starts off ordinary enough. You have Mortation, the primarch of Nurgle on top with his command retinue. Then the army is split into 7 plague company’s with each one led by a demon prince or a death guard lord. 

Ok now it gets a more detailed 

Each plague company is then split into 7 sepsis cohorts. Again each on lead by a demon prince or a death guard lord. THEN the sepsis cohorts are further split up into two maladictums and these two maladictums are made up of seven colonies of plague marines. 

Im starting to think these death guard lads are the real deal because they defiantly have there shit together.

The rest of the magazine puts some focus on different warbands of the Death Guard like the pallid hand, mouldering claw and the heralds of despair.  It shows different colour schemes for the army and I think that’s what works nicely with the duplicate models. Separate them with different warband colours. 

The rules

The rules this week magazine is the squad rules revisited. Now I cant spot every difference the make because I’m not much a gamer but they do go over unit coherency and unit movements. 

One of the cool things I did see tho is how shooting can be split between units now. When I think back a long time ago to my gaming days I remember you couldn’t do that but there was some space wolves character that let a unit do it.


I really liked this weeks issue. I got some understanding of the Death Guard and no matter how awful they look, they are one well organized army. 

If you really want to gripe about something then yes we did get duplicate models but as I have said before that’s going to happen but at least we got 3 great looking models

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