Warhammer conquest issue 5 review

Issue five is out and this week is a space marine week. Not only does it introduce power weapons into the rules but we got a new exclusive model called lieutenant Calsius. 

Calsius is a well know Lieutenant and even served on the same battlefields as Roboute Guilliman. The story we are given for him is the battle on Nova Thulium. The worlds supply line of food is under attack by a horde of orks who are set on destroying as much as they can before the ultra-marines can respond.

Lieutenant Calsius and squads arrives and starts taking out the orks until he spots their leader, a big ol warboss. Now warboss’s are huge and if I saw one id probably shit my pants but not Calsius! He walks straight up to him and the two start fighting it out until Calsius whips out his big power sword that’s the end of the warboss.

It’s a good introduction to how lieutenants stick out a little bit more that normal space marines and how they get to use power weapons. The rules update for this guy is he is a character. Characters usually have better stats, weapons and different abilities. Unlike the previous rules for units from issues 1-4 characters can go around the battlefield independent from units.

The model

Calsius’s backstory seems to build him up pretty nice but does the model live up to it?

The model itself is really nice. The problem I usually have with space marine characters is they can be over decorative sometimes. I mean how many purity seals dos a guy need? We get you’re a bad ass but stick any more of them purity seals on you and your gonna start looking like a mummy.

But his guy isn’t like that. He has 2 purity seals, one on his back pack and one his hip. The shoulder pad and a knee pad have the ultra marine symbols and that’s it. This guy doesn’t need all that. All he needs is his ork slaying power sword.


This weeks release was really good. The magazine is slowly adding more dept to the rules and lieutenant Calsius is good addition to the space marine side. What this does now is make me think when are we going to get the Death Guard equivalent? Because if calsius looks good then the Death guard leader is going to look amazing.

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