Warhammer conquest issue 7 review

This week’s issue of Warhammer conquest we don’t get any models but we do get something that’s a vital addition to the hobby. 

Warhammer conquest issue 6 review

Issue 6 of Warhammer conquest is out with 3 more models for the Death Guard. And more models means we gotta have a death guard organization chart!

Warhammer conquest issue 5 review

Issue five is out and this week is a space marine week. Not only does it introduce power weapons into the rules but we got a new exclusive model called lieutenant Calsius. 

Warhammer conquest issue 1-4 review

Warhammer 40K conquest is at issue 4 now, but what is this magazine about? Is it for beginners or is it for the more seasoned Warhammer collector? Is it good value of just a cash grab gimmick? Join me as I review the first 4 issues and we see what this magazine is all about.