The End Times of Ebay Loots


Remember when the End Times first came around and everyone was getting killed? It should have been called the sad times :-(. All those well know known characters and places gone.....poor little queek headtaker and little Lord Skrolk. But..........

One of the best things we got from the end times was some new models and some epic books. I never did end up getting my hands on any of the end times book, they were pretty expensive when they came but thanks to Ebay i finally got my hands on the Skaven one. I managed to bag this for a nice price of €25 for both books, fluff and rules books.


As of time of writing this i hadn't read fully through the book yet. I have only loosely gone through it but by god there is a lot in this book! Obviously the book continues on the End Time narrative since its book four of five, 

But what i really liked in it is the battles. Each big battle in the book has its own  section that tells what each army brought to each battle. Each unit or character has its own paragraph that adds more to the story. This takes away the idea of a plain old army list and adds more into its characters and units.This is something i plan on doing to my army's in the future.


As for the second book that comes with it, its the extended rules for warhammer 8th edition. It added rules for the Verminlords and the Stormfiends. The cool thing is that it has battle scenarios and rules to match the battles in the fluff book. I'm not to sure if anyone is using theses rules anymore but its a good source for ideas for creating your own scenarios. you could easily take ideas from these scenarios and modify them for Age of Sigmar.


One the things i overlook sometimes is the artwork that Games workshop put out. The books are packed with amazing artwork that every Skaven collector dreams of. I have never been to fond of the Ikit Claw model but the artwork piece that has him facing Queek Headtaker is an inspiration. Having these to face off is a great vision.

And of course the photographs of the different army's squaring off against each other are beautiful. Seeing the army's all painted and spread across multiple pages really makes me want to get my army's to that standard.

I think its going to be an incredibly long time before i ever get all the End Times books but of all of them this the one i wanted the most. Its an awesome piece of warhammer fiction to have as well as a great source of inspiration. It is also a time piece, a last remembrance of a warhammer world that once was. But we all know the old world will never truly die.

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