WIP: Thanquol and Boneripper

The latest project i have been working on is painting the Skavens Thanquol and Boneripper. Now i  have had this model for quite a long time and iv always been intimated about painting it up. But why?

So why was i afraid to start painting this guy? I have come up with two reasons.

The first one is maybe because this is one of only two named characters in the whole Skaven army with Lord Skreech Verminking being the other and that in my mind means this guy is going to be part of the center piece of the army so want it to be painted really well. He has to stick out more than the rest of the army. So me being me i keep doubting my ability to paint this to a good level.

The second is that its been a while since i painted a model of this physical size. Something this big takes way more time. But recently i have been putting a lot more time into the preparation of painting a model instead of just picking the color schemes as i go along. Now i am sitting down and doing it as a project instead of just painting for a while and not taking it to serious. It does take a lot of time treating it as a serious project and i should have always been doing it this way. So i am going to put this down to laziness. Now i appreciate the effort i put into it. the extra effort pays off. I even started to keep track of paints i used in a painting notebook! Something that simple is what i should have been doing from the start.

In a nutshell it was a combination me having doubts in my ability to do a good job on this model and pure laziness. But now i have been putting more effort in painting. Instead of just painting a model i tell myself its a painting project. For some reason it sounds more important and works for me. 

Give it a try it could work for you

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